Our Legacy

Legacy Label is a vision created from answering some tough questions:

  • What will I leave behind?
  • How will I be remembered?
  • What impact will I have on the world?

Not easy questions to answer and at an all time low in my life - not the questions I was in the best place to really answer. After some serious soul-searching, I did come to the realization that I would like to leave behind a legacy other than money or material possessions. I want to leave a legacy of change in the lives of others. Change for the better. I decided my legacy would be one of love, passion, and empowerment. I've recently come to the conclusion (I know, welcome to the party - sometimes it takes a life altering moment to truly understand this) that we are all the same and want the same things for those we love and care about.

And so it was. The idea of Legacy Label was born.

Legacy Label is a fashion collection with a message to inspire others. The idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Your message will be delivered on tee shirts, hats, hoodies, leggings, and accessories to express sentiments of happiness, strength, bravery, courage and so much more. The apparel and accessories serve as a simple reminder to yourself to set your intention each day to exude how you want others to remember you. How you want to make others feel and to share your message with world in hopes to inspire someone else you encounter to do the same. It's a chance to share your story and vision with the stranger at the coffee shop who asks what your shirt means.

None of us should or will be remembered by the material possessions we had in life or how much money we leave behind, but how we touched others. The memories, the raw moments of love, fun, courage and more. This is our Legacy.

More simply put: the creation of Legacy Label is to change the lives of many and empower them to do the same; thereby causing a ripple effect which will go on for generations.

-Sergio, Legacy Label Founder & CEO

Legacy Label is an active supporter of charitable organizations in the Los Angeles area, including the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Generosity.org, and Pencils of Promise.

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